N206BZ 100g Medium Packing Machine
  • N206BZ 100g Medium Packing Machine

    Automatic granules powder packaging machine

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    1. Free whole set spare parts replacement for your back up.

    2. English user guide manuel and video

    3. Exclusive after sale customer service

    Product Description


    Weighing-Filling-sealing-cutting, Continue packing not cut also available

     Sealing Type Three-side sealing / Back sealing
     Weighting Range 1~100g (+/- 0.2g)
     Film Width Range 21-35cm
     Bag Length Range 4~22cm
     Machine Dimension 42*50*145 CM
     Packing Dimension (2 Case)



     Power Supply 220V/50Hz (230V 240V 110V 60Hz all available)
     Plug Type According to your country plug
     Power Consumption


     Machine Weight 90 KG

    You can choose the packing bag format you need.

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    JD-packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, Fujian of China. We are a leading manufacturer of small packing machines in China. Since we started our packaging business in 2000, our kinds of packing machines have been widely used in several fields throughout the world, such as food, pharmaceuticals,medical supplies, industrial foods, rubber goods, sundry goods etc. Our products have enjoyed a good reputation for their quality, reliability and efficiency. To help specialized customers with marketing, we also offer OEM services and customized machine designs. 

    1) Warranty Time: 1 year, within this period we offer spare part replacement freely if there are any Non-artificial damage on them.

    2) Quality: Quality of products will be strictly checked and every machine will be test to ensure it can works well before packaging.

    3) Technical services: We will keep contacting with our customers all the time after selling out the machine. Please contact us without hesitation if you need any help on machines.

    4) File Services: We offer instruction manual and video to teach you how to using and testing machine.

    5) Accessories: We supply spare parts with competitive price after warranty time.

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