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100g Weighing Counting Machine
  • 100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine100g Weighing Counting Machine
    • 100g Weighing Counting Machine
    • Item No.: JS-CZ100
    • Scope of application:

          The 100 g weighing counting filling machine produced by Jieding is suitable for weighing, counting, packing and filling of hardware accessories, crystal glitter, capsule tablets, furniture accessories, candy brown sugar block, red date longan dried, mothballs, iron nails, screws and nuts, electronic components, gasket plastic parts, expansion tubes, bolts and other standard products

      Technical parameters:

      Name: Rotary sub packer

      Weighing range: 1-100 G

      Repacking speed: 6-12 times / min (depending on materials)

      Accuracy: about 0.2 G (depending on the material)

      Hopper capacity: Rice: about 5 kg, flour: about 4 kg

      Hopper size: 21 * 18cm (round)

      Quantity of discharge nozzles: 1

      Voltage / power: 220v /90w(Adjustable 110V)

      Machine weight: 16kg

      Overall dimension: 41*36*43CM (length, width and height)

      Remarks: because the machine dimension and function are constantly upgrading, the above parameters are only for reference, please refer to the actual model!

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    1: Multi-purpose of one machine: one machine can be used for weighing a variety of materials

    2: Measuring accuracy: computer weighing, measuring accuracy

    3: No damage material: vibration cutting principle, no extrusion and damage material

    4: Computer board operation: simple operation, easy to learn and easy to use, old people will also use

    5: Small machine size: no space, suitable for families, communities or small stores

    6: The machine is quiet: it does not affect others when working

    7: Large range: large weighing range, adjustable range

    8: Automatic design: the machine automatically completes weighing, loading and cutting functions to reduce labor intensity

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