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Double head 5000 g pneumatic large packing machine
    • Double head 5000 g pneumatic large packing machine
    • Item No.: Q-2T5000
    • Scope of application:

          JD production double head 5000 g pneumatic super large packing machine is suitable for rice millet, cereals, vegetable seeds, cat food and dog food, fertilizer feed, nuts and seeds, corn seeds, coffee beans, coffee powder, flour, pepper, seasoning powder and other particles, powder, material quantitative, weighing, filling, sealing

      Technical parameters:

      Name:Double head 5000g pneumatic large packing machine  


      Sealing method: Three sided sealing/back sealing  


      Bag size: film width 21-72cm, seal 1-40cm  


      Weighing range: 50-5000grams  


      Packing speed: 8-12 times/min (depending on material)  


      Precision: plus or minus 3g (depending on material)  


      Hopper capacity: rice: about 50kg, flour: about 40kg  


      Voltage/power: 220V / 1500W (110V can be changed)  


      Machine weight: 180KG  


      Size: 86*94*255CM (length, width and height)  

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    Ii. Product features:  


    L Automatic bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, counting, printing batch number, cursor positioning and other functions  


    L Key computer board operation: simple operation, easy to learn and use, old people can use  


    L Small size: no space, suitable for family, community or small stores  


    Low noise: it does not affect other people when working  


    L One machine multi-purpose: suitable for particles, powder, fine particles and other materials with different properties  


    L Accurate measurement: adopt electronic weighing principle, accurate measurement  


    L Suitable for a variety of materials: suitable for filter paper, non-woven fabric, composite film, aluminum plating film, pure aluminum, film paper and other heat sealing materials  


    L Flexible combination: sub-machine can be used alone, part of the packaging machine can also be used by hand  


    Iii. Optional functions:  


    L Code printer: used to print the date  


    L cursor: Use of printing film  


    L Nitrogen port: provides nitrogen charging function  


    L Sealing exhaust: reduce packing gas  


    Electroplating sealing: electroplating teflon sealing is easy to clean, not easy to residue, not easy to stick to the bag  


    Enhanced vibration: shaper with vibration motor, can reduce material residue  


    Iv. Applicable Customer base:  


    L individual  


    L small stores  


    L shop  


    L factory  

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